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Our Curriculum

Rooted in Academics, Character Development, and Community

At Allegiant Prep, our curriculum meticulously combines rigorous academics with profound character development, embedding values like respect, integrity, and perseverance into daily learning. We also emphasize civic duty and community engagement, preparing students thoroughly for college and future leadership roles.

Insight Humanities™

Insight Humanities™ aims to close this knowledge gap through an integrated reading, writing, and history curriculum that uses rich studies of historical content and high-quality literature and project work to build students’ content knowledge over time. The Insight Humanities™ program further reflects three core tenets of culturally responsive teaching and learning that have been found to effectively support diverse learners — (1) academic achievement, (2) cultural competence, and (3) sociopolitical consciousness 3 — so that this knowledge-based approach better serves racially and linguistically diverse learners.  

Reading Mastery 

Foundational Literacy and phonics curriculum that is used in Kindergarten and First Grade.

Curriculum Point of Contact

Ms. Lydia Glover, Dean of Academics 

Extracurricular Activities

Students are encouraged to engage with and contribute to their communities. This aspect of the curriculum is aimed at fostering a sense of civic duty and social responsibility.

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